Smoke on the Water

It’s funny how when a song comes…it takes you back. Almost back in time. When “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple came out, I was in the Navy. In fact, I had just gotten out of boot camp and was going corpsman school.

Every time I hear this song, I have the same flashback. I remember being at the EM (enlisted man’s) club in Great Lakes, IL. We would go to this club and 3.2 beer ($1/pitcher) for dancing and drinking. I remember being and sitting at this little bitty round table with barely enough room for our glasses and a pitcher of beer. I was wearing a stretchy, tight fitting knit shirt with big ole bell bottom pants and STACK shoes. Stacks on the toes and stacks on the heel. There was a live band, and the drummer had this kit that had to have had at least 8-10 different drums. And when they started playing “Smoke on the Water”…I remember just getting caught up in the music and watching that drummer just KILL that song. AHHHHH, Good memories, and when I hear that song…It all comes back!!!

Author: Wally

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    1. Sounds like a deal. I don’t have many war stories though. They were bringing home the troops from Vietnam when I joined in ’73 and after that…nobody wanted to fight with me. LOL

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