Payback is a SOB

Payback is a SOB

The thing about PAYBACKS is that it’s always about timing. Revenge is always sweeter when it’s applied at a time when it makes the most impact. And we, the United States witnessed one of the BEST paybacks in poiitical history in the early hours of July 28, 2017. I’ll get to how PAYBACK is a SOB at the end of this article…just bear with me for a few minutes.

A Little History

Trump bullied several of the Senators for not supporting the healhcare bill using tactics such as withholding funding from programs from the State of Alaska (Sen. Murkowski) and Senator Collin’s from Maine just by shaming…and Senator Heller by even threatening to support a primary challenger more in tune with Trumps “ideology”. However there was one crusty old and seasoned Senator name McCain that even Trump can’t intimidate. You don’t scare John McCain.

Don’t get me wrong…I don’t agree with many of John McCain’s political views. I also believe he has stayed too long in Congress (although I do know he loves the Senate). However, Senator McCain is the modern day definition of HERO. And not just because he was captured by the enemy, but he also endured months and years of torture, and that wasn’t even enough…at one point during his imprisonment, his captors offered to let him go because his Dad was an Admiral in the Navy. Instead of accepting the release, he allowed someone else to go home in his place. It was the noble thing to do. Most of you will remember that back in the 2008 election when McCain was running against Obama and the lady in the crowd called Obama a Muslim and a terrorist. Senator John McCain went over to the lady and said, “No. No Ma’am. Barack Obama is a Christian and a good man. We just differ on our political views.” He also took to the Senate floor a few years back to warn Michelle “Whacko” Bachman to STOP saying that Clinton aide Huma Abedin was a member of, and supported the Muslim Brotherhood. He said her claims were horrendous and needed to stop. John McCain was fair and honorable to PEOPLE above party. You’ve not heard of any such honorable behavior from Donald J. Trump.

Attacking the war hero

Trump didn’t agree McCain was a war hero, so he put him down. During the camp presidential campaign, Trump was asked about McCain and Trump replied, “He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” That’s just ONE of many negative quotes Donald Trump said about Senator John McCain. Here’s a couple more:

I supported John McCain for president. I raised a million dollars for him. Still a lot of money. I supported him. He lost. He let us down. So I never liked him as much after that because I don`t like losers.

I haven’t endorsed John McCain. And I’ve never been there with John McCain because I’ve always felt that he should’ve done a much better job for the vets. He has not done a good job for the vets and I’ve always felt that he should’ve done a much better job for the vets.

So it goes without saying…Trump doesn’t like McCain. Trump can’t compete or better the honorable credentials that John McCain possesses. In fact, he can’t match the honor or patriotism that John McCain has for the Country and the Country for him.


Just over a week after brain surgery, John McCain left Arizona while recuperating from his surgery and flew back to Washington, DC for what President Trump and Mitch McConnell thought was going to be a YES vote for the repeal of the ACA. In fact, he did vote YES for continuing the debate for the “skinny repeal”.  Most thought that was a good sign for the bill to pass and finally after 7 years of the GOP trying to repeal and 2 years of Trump telling his supporters that repealing of the bill would be “easy”. But when it came time for the actual VOTE, the mood was tense because it would only take 3 Republican Senators to KILL THE BILL and Senators Collins and Murkowski already indicated they would vote NO on the bill.

The vote began and proceeded as expected. When they called Senator McCain’s name for his vote, walked up near to McConnell, held his hand out to get the attention of the vote recorder and then flipped his hand over with a THUMBS DOWN… He KILLED THE BILL. Yes, he did it because he said the bill was terrible. But I can’t help (my opinion), that it was also a PAYBACK, and it was a SOB PAYBACK to Trump! So McCain’s THUMBS DOWN was really the FINGER and a great big “F U” Donald Trump!

And here’s the video of McCain giving the “alternative” finger to Trump.

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