Before Next Election Cycle

The only way to truly bring back GOOD POLITICS (I know, maybe there isn’t such a thing) is to:
  • Make ALL VOTES in congress require a minimum of 60 votes in the Senate or 261 votes in the House for bipartisan changes to our government. NEVER should less than the minimum votes be required to confirm nominees, pass resolutions or approve any actions!
  • All PAC funds should be abolished and all money donated to a campaign should be done through small donations by the voters with full transparency as to who donated and how much.
  • All political campaigns should have a CAP on the amount that can be used in their campaign.
  • Corporations and Churches must be required to stay OUT of the politics in every way.
  • Donations from other countries, regardless of whether they are allies or adversaries are to be prohibited.
  • Anyone running for any STATE or FEDERAL government office, MUST release their Tax Returns for the previous 7 years as part of the filings for running for office.
  • The use and or constitutionality of executives orders should be reviewed and/or guidelines updated.
  • Anyone that lies or commits perjury (with the same preponderance of evidence used in civil courts), SHOULD BE PROSECUTED, especially cabinet members, Senators and Congressmen.
  • SEVERE retaliation against any country or adversary that threatens our election system or government. SEVERE.
  • It should be a federal law that either candidates and/or campaigns be prohibited from meeting with, communicating with, or conspiring with other officials or governments from other countries.

Author: Wally

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