Knife At A Gun Fight

Taking a knife to a gun fight is just plain foolish. No one in their right mind would do such a foolish thing if their intention was to not only win, but also level the playing field. Yeah, it’s a cliche that has been used many times, but there really is truth in it too. I’ll get back to the “gunfight” later in my post.

First just a really brief history. I was in the Navy for 4 years, 2 months, 29 days and 10 hours (but who was counting right)…anyway, the years I spent in the Navy spanned three different Presidents (Nixon, Ford and Carter). Being the patriotic soul that I was (and am), I was taught to follow the orders of my Commander in Chief, and to never disrespect him. I carried this lesson throughout my time in the Navy and thereafter in my civilian life. Although I might not have agreed with a particular Presidents views, policies or politics, I ALWAYS held the Commander in Chief, the President of the United States in the HIGHEST REGARD and with the utmost respect. I did not, nor do I take my Patriotism or being a loyal American lightly. I always, and I mean 100% of the time…wanted my President to be SUCCESSFUL during their term in office. It goes without saying that a President which is successful in Office and a with a successful administration means that we as American’s win too. Being a loyal American doesn’t mean I have to agree with everything my President stands for to still respect him/her. Basically, I am an AMERICAN above and beyond any political party.

Now on to the current situation with the Trump and his Russian connections and whether collusion, treason or any other inappropriate relationships exist between Donald Trump and/or Administrative or campaign staff. I think it’s pretty apparent that at the very least Trump himself is stonewalling the investigation and could possibly be obstructing justice. In other words, its not much of a leap to figure out there is an active coverup occurring RIGHT NOW.

One of the reasons this investigation is going so slow is because not only is Trump slowing it down (by already firing 3 law enforcement individuals), but he also has some of his staunch (maybe dirty) Republican Senators (McConnell) and members of Congress (Nunes, Chaffetz) circling the wagon with Trump and also obstructing any kind of advance investigations…even going as far to say that they investigations should stop. There is obvious OBSTRUCTION happening right now.

There’s no need to go into all the details of the investigations or even try to prove the case against him…there are professionals working on that now (hopefully they will finish soon). But I want to address the “playing field” and tactics used by Trump and his cronies vs what Congress and the investigating agencies are doing. The members of Congress and the FBI, CIA, NSA and any of the other agencies that are investigating must work within the confines of the law. Unfortunately the CURRENT President plays by his own rules. Almost every day there is another link to Trump and the Russian’s. Then Trump ups the ante by further obstructing the investigation through intimidation, lying and collusion. Now that he has fired FBI Director Comey, amid reports of Comey ramping up and accelerating the pace of the investigation, Trump has again roadblocked and covered up his ties (if any) to the Russians.

In other words, our legal system plays by the rules, but the President does not and is not because he believes he is ABOVE the law.

I believe we should do investigations within the law. But when you’re dealing with CRIMINALS and OBSTRUCTIONISTS and even more importantly, you’re talking about he SECURITY OF OUR NATION, then I hope and PRAY that some kind soul, a true patriot within the confines of the FBI or CIA takes it upon themselves to LEAK (yep, I said LEAK) the real information and sacrifice their career and possible imprisonment for the GOOD of the COUNTRY. I would DONATE to the legal fund of a patriot such as this…

I do NOT like hackers, I do not like LEAKERS, but if it is done in an effort to thwart the possibility of our complete political system being compromised…I think it would be worth it.  I despise Manning, I despise Snowden, and I think Wiki-leaks should be treated like a terrorist organization (they are NOT a publication, nor are they journalists).

But should an agent sacrifice their service and career for the sake of the Country, I believe America would forgive them. For Gods sake, we’re talking about possibility of the Russian’s infiltrating and compromising of our democracy.

And regarding former FBI Director Comey…Yes, he had some responsibility for Hillary Clinton losing the election (and there were other factors too). What Comey did was a terrible error in October 2016, but I truly believe he was a FAIR and JUST person…probably one of the better people to do the investigation…which is just one reason why Trump wanted him gone.

As my title says…If we’re gonna go to a GUNFIGHT, then we need to leave the knives at home and arrive with the GUNS (metaphorically speaking). In other words, drastic actions may require drastic measures.

And one last thing…it’s very difficult to articulate a point when a person is filled with so much emotion and doubt. I feel like the political system and the ignorant electorate that voted Trump have let us all down.

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