I Will Support Trump If…

First a little background info…

A copy of my actual oath of office I signed when I joined the Navy in 1973.

When I was 18 years old and joined the US Navy, Richard Nixon was President. At that time, I really didn’t even know what political party he was affiliated with (much less that he was about to fall). The one thing I do remember is that when I took my OATH of Office we were taught to RESPECT the Commander in Chief regardless of politics. In fact, from the moment a person enlists in the military they RECITE the oath with their hand raised. In part, it says in the oath, “I will obey the orders of the President of the United States”.  It was the AMERICAN way and everyone that took that oath (back then anyway) meant it.

Since Richard Nixon (Republican), Gerald Ford (Republican), Jimmy Carter (Democrat), Ronald Reagan (Republican), Big Bush (Republican), Bill Clinton (Democrat), Little Bush (Republican), and Barack Obama (Democrat)…I have RESPECTED every one of them and the last thing I wanted was for them to have a FAILED presidency. I could say something nice AND bad about everyone of these guys. But I never, EVER thought that any of them would put our country in jeopardy due to ineptitude, greed, or a shift in the type of government we have protected for over 200 years. It’s not in my political DNA to want my Commander in Chief/President to not be successful during their term.

Now Things Are Different

Things changed dramatically in politics when Barack Obama took office. Now you had a significant amount of people that indeed wanted him to fail. Even many in the Congress wanted him to FAIL. Racism, although always lurking in most of us…raised it’s ugly head during the Obama administration. And because of racism, social media and new breed of alt-right agendas…the Republicans did everything in their power to make sure he had a failed presidency. Thank GOODNESS and GOD the Republican’s did not succeed in that effort. The class and demeanor that Obama brought to the Presidency is now a think of the past.

Again, of those Presidents mentioned above I wanted none of them to do their job poorly in running our Country. Not a single ONE! I always found a way or reason to like each of those Presidents for something…even though at times I disagreed with ALL of them at one time or another. When you disagree with a President’s position (or a boss of any kind and their position), then it becomes about YOU and not the Country (or the team). And that’s OK, but with 360 million in the country, at BEST you’ll only please about 60-70% which means even in the best of times, you’re always gonna have 30-40% of the people pissed off or against an administration. It’s pretty simple math.

Now We Come To Trump?

And that brings me to Trump. He is the FIRST, the very FIRST President for which I have NO RESPECT. Not for him or what he stands for in regards to his views or to our Country. My disdain for him has nothing to do with his politics and reaches way back into the 1980’s.  Actually, he has no politics. He’s not a Republican, he’s not a Democrat or Independent either. He’s nothing more than a narcissistic lying charlatan. However, with that said… The respect and discipline I learned early in the Navy and throughout my life to always give the benefit of the doubt has made me re-think my position and I am willing to give HIM a chance and support any and all of Trump’s decisions IF…

So Will I Support Him?

Trumps worrisome and delusional tweets on March 4th.

I Will Support Trump If… the wiretap investigation where Trump accused former President Obama of ordering a wiretap on him and his campaign turns out to be TRUE. So it is verified to be true, I will wholeheartedly support Trump and will no longer post any negative comments about him or his campaign, nor will I hope his administration fails miserably.

However, if the investigation finds that Obama did NOT order the wiretap on Trump or his campaign, and it is determined that Trump actually either made it all up, lied and/or got his information from one of the RIGHT WING whacko’s out there that do nothing but spew hate and dissent, then I will continue to hope that he fails as soon as possible and PRAY our country can survive the damage he has done. If he is found to be accusing a former President of such a heinous and treasonous act when it is not true, then he deserves the wrath of THE PEOPLE by being both impeached and removed from office and remembered as the most disgraced President in History…and hopefully we the “ELECTORATE” will learn from our mistake of putting complete morons into power to run our Country.

So, I await the outcome of the investigation. And while I think I know how it will turn out, I’m pretty sure the Republicans are gonna find a way to “spin” or lie their way into continuing to enable a cancerous Presidency.

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    1. Thank you Elan… I hope we do survive. I don’t mind what party is in power, but I do mind a maniac running the country. LOL Thanks again.

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