America, What Have You Done!

America…What the HELL have you done by electing Trump?

I first wrote about Donald Trump more (YES, MORE than 2 years ago) and even back then I knew how terrible a President he would become. I wrote about all of his personality DISORDERS. I wrote about his GREED, and I wrote about his arrogance and lying. As it turns out, that was just the tip of the iceberg in regards to the possibility of Trump harming our Country.

So here’s what I learned about Donald Trump AND our Country since November 8, 2016.

  • The flaws in his character were much worse than ANYONE ever thought they were.
  • Anyone can be President…literally anyone. All it takes is MONEY.
  • For the most part, FAKE NEWS was invented by one person, perpetuated by one person and practiced by mostly one person.
  • The word deplorable does not adequately describe some people.
  • Donald Trump is 100% racist, bigoted and greedy.
  • Nepotism, Narcissism and Pathological became everyday words.
  • Racism in our country has been overshadowed by atl-right politics.
  • The Republicans, at the expense of their Country are far more tolerant with the abhorrent behavior of Donald Trump and their own agenda than the Democrats…which could be a FAULT of Democrats.
  • Friendships are far more tolerant of race than they are politics.
  • I never dreamed I would see a US President condone and enable the allegiance of any other flag (Nazi, Rebel, etc) over the American flag, nor did I ever expect a TRUE American to prefer to carry that flag over one of the US Flag.
  • Congress, THE WHOLE DAMN LOT (both Dems and Repubs) allowed the Russian government to infiltrate our election, our politics and our way of life…mostly driven by MONEY from the Russians, Chinese and other nations. Just for MONEY and contributions to their campaigns. ESPECIALLY the GOP.
  • I learned it’s OK to LIE to Congress, especially if you’re a member of Congress. They will not prosecute you, nor hold you accountable.
  • I learned that as President, you can steer all your financial business to your own businesses to increase your own wealth.
  • Being the best, the biggest, and the greatest is more important than our environment, our ecology, and our way of life.
  • Oil is more important than life and can be stolen during wars.
  • I saw first hand how Donald Trump not only condoned bullying behaviors but indeed encouraged it.
  • All politicians lie…even the HONEST ONES. However, there’s a difference in a political lie and the over 1100 lies that Donald Trump has told JUST SINCE his inauguration.
  • I now know that my really close friends understand that conversations about Trump could ruin our friendship, so we don’t discuss. There’s more to life than a low life like Donald Trump.
  • Likewise, I also know that many of his most fervent and loudest supporters are a “certain” kind of people…and that in itself disappoints me greatly.
  • I find myself hiding some of the conservative views I have for the only reason that I am ashamed I would be mistaken for a Trump supporter.
  • I have to keep my preconceived notions about those that CONTINUE to support Trump to MYSELF because I feel I know those people and their views.
  • And finally, I will no longer tell people that concerns are for the MAN and not the politics of Trump. My fight is not with the Republicans, it is only with those that disrespect our Country, the Office of the President and those pledge allegiance to ANY other National flag other than the US FLAG.

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